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International Student Merit Scholarship

Award Merit Scholarships by the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation

The International Student Merit Grant is directed to international students, enrolled in initial training cycle of studies, conferring academic degrees, that is, bachelor's and master's degrees, under the special admission and enrolment contest for international students, who have completed at ISAG-EBS 60 ECTS, for the previous academic year, with a weighted average of 16 values or more.

The scholarship provides applicants who meet the requirements described above with a 30% reduction in tuition fees, based on the table of academic fees for international students.

1. In the following year, the student will have to maintain or exceed the average, otherwise he/she will not be entitled to the International Student Merit Scholarship.
2. The International Student Merit Scholarship is not cumulative with other current commercial or financial campaigns.
3. The payment method can be up to 10 monthly fees (1st year).
4. These conditions are not cumulative with other social action protocols, such as protocols with PALOP NGOs.
5. The student must have the academic and financial situation regularized to be able to benefit from these conditions.