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Licenciatura em Management

Este curso encontra-se homologado no âmbito do Processo de Bolonha.

Estado de Bolonha: Criado
Data de Homologação: 2021-06-07
Sigla: LGI
Grau: Licenciatura
Área CNAEF: 345 - Gestão e Administração
N.º máximo de admissões : 90
Início de Funcionamento: 2021/2022
Coordenador: Marco Enzo Bagheri
Nº de Processo de Acreditação : NCE/20/2000002
Data de Publicação : 2021-05-05
Nº de Anos de Acreditação : 6
Nº de Registo DGES: R/A-Cr 149/2021
Data de atribuição do Registo : 2021-06-07
Planos de Estudo:


- Company management (administration and management)
- Accounting and Auditing
- Human Resources
- Commercial and Marketing Management
- Financial Management
- Financial sector
- International sector
- Advice and consultancy in various business areas
- Asset management
- Business, trade union and regional development association structures
- Accountants
- Teaching



- Understand the fundamentals of the business, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of modern and innovative management concepts and tools;
- Integrate business functional knowledge in a teamwork context;
- Ability to work effectively in a culturally diverse team;
- Ability to analyse global socio-economic and political-legal environments and solve business problems;
- Understand business problems and potential solutions.



This cycle of Bachelor's studies in Management, taught in English, aims to train professionals who intend to develop an international career, ambition to create their own business or work in a national or international reference companies.

Graduates will gain a fundamental understanding of the main business areas and acquire vital skills in the analysis and creation of sustainable companies, through an interdisciplinary teaching-learning experience, which integrates the most innovative concepts and techniques applicable to the different functional areas of the company.

The graduates will know how to identify and anticipate environmental opportunities and threats, allocate resources, organize information based on new digital technologies, manage and motivate people, make decisions in uncertain conditions, achieve the objectives set efficiently and effectively , evaluate the results achieved and create sustainable value.


Bachelor Degree in Management

TelefoneTelephone: +351 220 303 200 or +351 220 303 239 
Correio ElectrónicoEmail address: ingressos@isag.pt

Opening hours: 09H00 to 13H00 | 14H00 to 19H30


Áreas Científicas

  • Gestão e Administração
  • Contabilidade e Fiscalidade
  • Matemática
  • Informática na ótica do utilizador
  • Direito
  • Economia
  • Marketing e Publicidade